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Ibrahim H. Khleifat




B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, Tri-state university, Indiana-U.S.A, 1989.

Military Diploma, Royal Military Academy, JAF, 1981.

Basic course for signal officers, JAF, 1982

UN Military Observer course, Jordan Armed Forces, 1995.

PC Maintenance course, Jordan University, 1998.

Network design and management (LAN & WAN) course, RSS, 1998.

Visual basic programming course, computer training institute, JAF , 1999.

C++ programming course, RSS,1999.

Internet architecture and communications  course, Computer training institute, JAF , 1999.

Database management (Access) course, Computer training institute, JAF , 2000.

Introduction to Cisco network devices course (ICND),  FACT, 2001.

Building Cisco Scalable Network , BCSN  (Routing), using  FACT training LAB, 2002. 

Electronic Commerce Business Training Program, 

    "Electronic Commerce Center " At Amman Chamber Of Industry, 2002.  

Cisco Secure Pix Firewall Advanced course (CSPFA ),Fast lane , 2002.  


From JUL 2001 to NOV 2002:

Deputy Commandent for Main Signal Workshops.

      Responsibilities and duties:

manages the effective and efficient Calibration, maintain and repair all radio communication equipments HF/VHF/UHF, switcheboard and telephones in Main Signal Workshops.

supervision of three technical sections:

a.        Radio’s communication  section.

b.        Switchboard  and Telephones section.

c.        Generators section.

I designed and installed LAN network in the Main Signal Workshops.

I was responsible for ordering all spare parts needed for  Main Signal Workshops.

I prepared and gave four IT and telecommunications presentations:

                                    a. The future of  LAN Gigabit Ethernet.

                                     b. Broadband networks.

                                     c. E-Government.

                                     d.  Xdsl and Digital loop carrier (DLC).

From JAN 2000 to JUN 2001:

Studies officer in the Royal signal corps.

      Responsibilities and duties:

I was a member of the committee for implementing Wide Area Network (WAN) project for Special Forces, using Cisco products ( Routers, Switches, and Hubs). I was in charge of Coordinates the development of putting standard specifications for  procurement of communication equipments with procurement department. I was in charge of developing a new training curriculum for IT section in Telecommunication Military College. I was a member of the committee for studying the design and the implemnation of Trunking Radio Systems in  Jordan armed forces (JAF). I prepared various technical reports.

From NOV 97 to JAN 2000:

Studies officer in the Directorate of Research and Development (communications and electronic warfare branch).

Responsibilities and duties:

From OCT 96 to NOV 97:

UN Military observer (UNOMIG).

From JAN 96 to OCT 96:

Chief communication officer in main signal workshop(JAF).

Responsibilities and duties:

From JAN 95 to DEC 95:

Commander of Maintenance Workshop:

Responsibilities and duties:

From NOV 93 to DEC 94:

  Instructor in Telecommunication Military College:

       Have taught the following courses.

From OCT 91 to NOV 93:

Commander of Maintenance Workshop:.

Responsibilities and duties:

From JUN 89 to OCT 91:

Instructor in Telecommunication Military College:

Have taught the following courses.

From JAN 82 to MAR 85:

Communication platoon leader:

Responsibilities and duties:


Mother tongue is Arabic.

Second language is English, proficient in writing, speaking and reading.

Computer Skills

Software :

·         Proficient in Windows NT

·     Proficient  in Windows 95 , 98 , 2000 & windows XP  and MS Office.

              * Basic concepts of information technology.

              * Using the computer and managing files.

              * Word processing.

              * Spreadsheets ( Excel ).

              * Database ( Access ).

              * Presentation ( Power Point ).

              * Information and communication.

Hardware :

Computer languages and Programming :

Memberships :

References: Furnished upon request.


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